About Us

Welcome To AC KI AADAT

AC KI AADAT is Fully/Totally Entertainment & Motivational Production House In Which We Create Documentary Video, Energetic Video, Motivational Video etc. And Also I Try To Motivate and Entertain Everyone By Motivation and Funny Stories. Where, I have Felt These Stories and Have Implemented It Myself. And Also Provide A Powerful or Motivational Quotation Where Implemented These Quotation It Myself.

Mission Of AC KI AADAT

You might be thinking that ‘AC’ means what ? So, I want to clear you that AC is the short form of Achhi Chah ( Good Choice), Achhi Chahat (Good Opinion), Achhi Chetna (Good Thinking) and KI AADAT (Something Habits) . That mean I am trying to provide infront of people Achhi Chah KI AADAT, Achhi Chahat KI AADAT, Achhi Chetna KI AADAT Overall That is AC KI AADAT.